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7 - Industrial Automation


          We providing solution to the industrial purpose in very efficient way to switching, controlling, maintaining the industrial devices or equipments effectively. And we are giving the new way i.e. easy way to use your desire.

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AC SURGE SUPPRESSOR :         A surge suppressor (sometimes op..
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Description:   High-speed microcontroller  with three window seven segment display at a..
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Description : Light infrared tube photoelectric switch sensor E18-8MNK 0 - 8 meters (0-25 feet) a..
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Specification  - 6/4   - 230VAC  24 Vdc inputs Isolated outputs Outpu..
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  Water Solenoid Valve            • &..
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Description : Nextion HMI Display - A User Interface that is Simple and Easy to Use Overvi..
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Nextion is a seamless Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution that provides a control and visualizati..
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NSK 6560 Stepper Motor drive  •    Recommended supply voltage DC 10V-24V. •..
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USB to RS-485 Converter              ..
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